What Is Zen Room?

They call us misfits, geeks, deviants, losers. They bullied, shunned, reviled, or ignored us all our lives. They spit drunken curses at us, or simply pretend we aren't there. We don't accept the philosophy of homogenization, and for that crime we are not allowed to factor into their worldview. They band together in their narrow vision, sharing in a century-long network of mediocrity and irresponsibility they call fraternity, and reap the material rewards of conformity for a lifetime. All the while the human spirit stagnates. All the while they become less like people and more like automatons. They pass this curse down to their progeny, and their progeny, and their progeny.

And all the while those lucky few who keep their spirit intact strive to end this cycle.

Zen Room is a fraternity of free spirits.

We are the Anti-fraternity.
We are a family of those without families. We are a brotherhood into which you cannot buy your way. We reject the rituals of suicidal alcohol consumption, humiliation, violence, and rape that other organizations defend as honored traditions. We do not exclude based upon appearance, fashion or the size of a bank account. Those too blinded by the material world, the pursuit of hedonism with no understanding of its true nature, or the threat of a disapproving word from the lips of a fool naturally exclude themselves. We do not enforce conformity, but celebrate diversity. Those who look inward, those who look beyond, those who see the popular as the lemmings they are find kindred spirits with us.

We are the redheaded stepchildren.
The powers that be would like to pretend that we do not exist. You won't hear about us from your WOW leaders. You won't find our name in any university publication. We won't be allowed to set up at the club carnival and be stuck in some forgotten corner during Poly Royal. We are the outcasts. We are everyone who doesn't fit the system. We offend the conformists by refusing to follow their programming. Such it shall always be. The sheep are ever fearful of the wolves.

We are the Bohemians
We are the artists, the musicians, the poets, the forward thinkers and the dreamers. We are the gifted, the proud, the magical, the talented. We are the scientist, the statesman, and the philosopher. We are the 95th percentile. We are the force of progress and the divine hand in an otherwise stagnant social evolution. We are the only hope for truth, beauty, and love in a society where using such words violates corporate copyright.

We are the kids your mother warned you about.
We are those people.

And, We are everywhere...

Zen Room Club Politics

If you are interested in seeing the clubs bylaws, they have been posted and are currently in .doc format. See the ZenRoom bylaws. Right click to save the document.

Perhaps you would like to view the Policies and Procedures Manual.